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Organizational restructuring and development

Armed with knowledge, experience and deep market understanding, EBTIKAR helps you restructure and develop your human resource to meet and exceed your short and long-term goals. Whether the change is required due to competitive pressure, technological change, or any other factor, our specialists will evaluate and standardize your business and recommend suggested changes to maximize the overall business efficiency.

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Our Organizational Restructuring Services Include:

EBTIKAR utilizes best practices in the industry’s standards; including operations process improvement, Continuous Improvement (CI), Business Process Improvement (BPI), Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean and Six Sigma (DMAIC) for organizations seeking to innovate and implement a practical process improvement plan.

EBTIKAR’s Problem Solving and Decision Making as well as Project Management approaches support and structure a process improvement plan.

EBTIKAR helps clients with managing daunting challenges and taking proactive steps to enhance value. As part of our diagnosis, our team brings holistic perspective on the business in order to identify main challenges that are facing our clients and then work closely with them in order to tailor the required restructuring process.

This could involve: Develop business plans, Develop / review cost reduction initiatives, implement cash conservation guidelines and controls, facilitate communications processes, manage creditor negotiations, evaluate revenue enhancement opportunities, and implement operational restructuring

EBTIKAR helps you fundamentally rethink how you do your business in order to improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors. As part of our approach to reengineer processes, we start with mapping current state operations, then we analyze operational setup in order to identify the gaps.

Afterwards, we work with our clients in order to design cutting-edge future state process map and develop related action plans that help with implementing future state changes successfully.

EBTIKAR builds state of the art human capital systems and provide related expert-matter advices. Our range of human capital solutions include: Health & benefits, compensations, recruitment, acquisition, training and capacity building, communication, etc.

EBTIKAR also works with clients in order to build HR strategies, design policies and procedures, provide career mapping and mentoring, staff handbooks, employment branding, performance management, recruitment and selection, job analysis and profiling, as well as, other HR related services.

EBTIKAR works closely with the clients in order to design policies and procedures manuals that are characterized by being fit to their kind of operations, based on international standards and/or international-recognized best practices as well as complies with local laws and regulations.

EBTIKAR’s internal audit approach incorporates the expertise needed to address the multitude of risks client’s faces. Our experienced specialists are well-versed in stringent regulatory environments, and will efficiently assess and test the financial, operational, information technology, and compliance risks present in organizations subject to audit.

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