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EBTIKAR’s business advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive solutions for your business, in addition to providing ace investment advisory services to equip you with all you need to hammer out your path to achieve your goals

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Our Business & Investment Advisory Services Include:

Having a clear business plan keeps you focused on your goals, and provides guidelines for day-to-day operations and decisions. EBTIKAR’s Consulting business planning services will help you build all essential elements of a business plan to craft your future, based on the latest trends in the industry’s benchmarks, research, financial modelling and analysis.

EBTIKAR Consulting is also specialized in conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

EBTIKAR’s market research teams are specialized in quantitative and qualitative research, branding, communications, and design. As a top local consulting firm, we are rooted in the belief that it takes a combination of insights and imagination to fundamentally transform brands; delivering insight across a wide range of crucial factors such as market size, growth drivers, competitive landscape, trends, and forecasts.

EBTIKAR’s operational and strategic planning services help organizations achieve success by working with key leaders to align organizational behaviors with strategic goals. EBTIKAR helps optimize organizational performance by ensuring that companies are not only doing things the right way, but also doing the right things.

We look at where the organization is now, where it wants to go, and capture how we can help you get there.

EBTIKAR provides sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic issues to assist in understanding the issues and opportunities you are facing. Our research services could include online surveying, telephone surveying, facilitated focus groups and workshops, depth interviewing and literature reviews. We also have expertise in class-leading qualitative analysis software

When the disaster strikes, it’s too late to try to identify the key processes your organization needs to survive. EBTIKAR helps you identify and build a managed continuity framework that delivers specific and proven solutions to address the threats your organization faces or might face. We identify the critical operational and technical risks your organization faces and offer you mitigation strategies and practical responses to address them.

As part of its franchise consultancy services, EBTIKAR helps its clients build their own brand, defined their franchise programs, design related strategic plans, coordinate issuing related legal documents, develop accurate and practical operations manuals, develop the curriculum and instructional guides for new franchisees and their employees, as well as, coach executive teams how to manage franchisees.

Business with their first steps require tailored professional support as they have relatively high costs with limited revenues. EBTIKAR provides a wide range of professional services; including, but not limited to: Planning and Business Modeling, Legal, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Data and Intelligence, Operational services; which will make a significant difference and provide you with the internal boost that is required to compete within the market.

EBTIKAR also helps startup business stand out from the competition and develop systems and processes that are needed for the long-term success of the business. Our business consulting services help make small business ideas a reality!

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“We only celebrate success when we add value to our clients and create significance in the society we operate within. .”

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